Current Cases

Our firm is currently litigating state-wide wage and hour class actions against the following companies:

• Intuit

• Logitech

• Accenture

  Distribution Centers

• Zynga

• Infinity Insurance

• Farmers Insurance

• Kohl's

• American Apparel


If you have worked for one of these companies in the last four years,
please contact us.

News for CA Workers

Are You Being Paid for
All Your Time Worked?

If you are a mechanic who is only being paid for "flag time" or a personal trainer who is only paid "when you are with a client" you should know that this is most likely illegal.  In California, workers should be paid for all on the job, whether you are "busy" or not.  

Earlier this year the California Court of Appeal held in a published opinion, Gonzalez v. Downtown LA Motors, LP (2013) 215 Cal.App.4th 36, that: (1) failing to pay employees for time spent performing tasks other than tasks paid on a piece-rate basis violated Wage Order No. 4 



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